Vincenzo Parisi is an Italian photographer based in Bologna.

He went to the photography school Foto Image from 2015 to 2018, where he also attended for six months the Reportage Masterclass taught by the World Press-Winning photographers Fulvio Bugani and Giulio Di Sturco and the photo-editor Annalisa D’Angelo.

In 2017 some of his photos are exposed to the “Corte di Felsina” gallery in Bologna.

In 2018 he completed the project “L.” a still life work about the figure of his grandmother.

Also in 2018, he follows the France World Cup victory in Arles, the result is the work “Sacre Bleu”.

In 2019 some of his photographs are included in the book “Alla Ricerca Della Bellezza” by the art historian Anna Rita De Lucca.

In 2019 with a team of professionals, he traveled 6,500 km along European coasts to create a photography book and a documentary talking about the environment and water pollution.

The film documentary, “AQ*A” was released on Amazon Prime Video.

In 2020 he participated with his work “Postcards from Italy” in “The COVID-19 Visual Project” by CORTONA ON THE MOVE, a multimedia platform that aspires to become a permanent archive of the coronavirus pandemic, collecting projects on relevant themes related to the crisis.

In 2022 he won the Helsinki Photo Festival and was a finalist in the Siena International Photo Awards with “Down on the short road near the causeway”, a story of two farmers of south Italy who lives in broad symbiosis with nature.

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