“6000 Sardine” is an apolitical movement born a few months before the renovation of the Emilia Romagna region administration (Italy) in 2020.

Historically a red region, Emilia Romagna has always been ruled, with a large winning percentage, by the Italian Communist Party before, and by the Democratic Party after.

In this election, Lucia Bergonzoni, far-right League Party candidate, driven by the populist wind that blows across Italy, has a big chance of victory for the first time in history.

For this reason, a group of University students staged a flash mob in Bologna, the most important town of Emilia Romagna, against Matteo Salvini (head of the League party) who was holding a rally in the basketball arena of the town.

The challenge of the students was to bring at least 6000 people tight (that’s why the name “sardine”) in the main town’s square, more than the people in the basketball arena.

The flash mob was a big success. At least 20 000 people come to animate the square.

Although the movement declared itself no political and against populism and fascism, the ideals that they support can be traced back to the old Italian left tradition.

From that moment the movement spread all across Italy with more than hundreds of other flash mobs in all regions.

Eventually, the League Pary lost that election due also to this movement who brought the people in the squares again and give hope to the left tradition.

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