Looking at the old photos of my grandmother, I found four small albums of a holiday she had done in 1967 in Kabul.

I was a teenager at the time of 9/11 and the subsequent invasion of Afghanistan. I was used to see Kabul bombed, destroyed, sad.

For decades, photos of the city reported by the media had one thing in common: death.

We are so used to seeing this kind of images that one has the feeling that Kabul has always been like this.

Precisely for this reason, looking at these old photos, I was so impressed by the smiling portraits, by the children playing blessed, by the carpet bazaars and in general by the sense of normality.

I have selected the best photos. I restored them digitally, trying to create an informative and harmonious portrait of Kabul.

With this book I want to give a little revenge to the city’s reputation and highlight what the war can destroy.

These photos are a true testimony of Kabul of 1967.

The only human element that has influenced them is curiosity.