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On August 15, 2018 France becomes World Champion for the second time. Having closely followed the world cup, finding myself in France, I documented the celebrations in Arles.

The Ardennais, little newspaper of the Alps, entitled “Sacre Bleu” its first page about the victory in the World Cup.

Sacrebleu is an ancient French imprecation, which is rarely used today.

It was once considered very offensive as it is a crippling of “sacré Dieu”.

The grotesque title was nothing more than a play on words (les bleus is the name that the French give to their national football team) created by their most stereotypical exclamation.

I chose this name for my project because I tried to tell the moments of the festivities in a different way, far from the usual photos, but trying not to disprove some clichés (banal but not wrong) that we have of the French.