Vincenzo Parisi is a documentary photographer based in Bologna, Italy.

He attended the Foto Image photography school from 2015 to 2018.

His first work was “L”, a still-life project about the figure of his grandmother, recently died.

In 2017 he presented his first two exhibitions at the “Corte di Felsina” in Bologna, Italy and two photos were chosen by the editorial staff of “National Geographic” as part of the annual competition.

Since 2019 he has participated in the “H20 Planet” project by “7milamiglialontano”, a non-profit association in Brescia, Italy.

The multimedia project consists in covering all the coasts of the world in 7 years and reports the state of water pollution and the beauty of the planet. The first documentary “Aq*a” premiered on Prime Video in 2020.

In 2021 he concludes his first personal documentary work, “Down on the short road near the Causeway”, the story of two peasants from southern Italy who live in close contact with nature, a work with which he won the Helsinki Photo Festival, the 1st Prize in Feature Story at the International Photography Awards, the Silver Medal in Editorial/ Press at the PX3 of Paris, the Honorable Mention in Photo Essay at the Tokyo International Foto Awards and reached the final at the Siena International Photo Awards.

His works were exposed in Bologna, Helsinki, and Paris.

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