Helsinki Photo Festival Winner | International Photography Awards 1st Prize | Prix De La Photographie Paris Silver Medal | Tokyo International Foto Awards Honorable Mention | Siena International Photo Awards Shortlisted

This is the story of Rosa and Peppo, two farmers from Southern Italy who live in broad symbiosis with nature.

In their small farmhouse in the middle of the mountains of Basilicata, they have created an eco-sustainable, socially healthy, and authentic microcosm, where they feel at ease, without entering into fanatical fundamentalism and without the presumption of dictating the way for the rest of the world. 

With the use of all their food waste by which they create their fertilizer, with the reuse of glass, to preserve the food they produce, with the reduced purchase and reuse of plastic and paper packaging, with the reparation of every tool that can be repaired and using a few essential second-hand technological products, their ecological footprint is almost non-existent.

Almost all of their income is used for the renovation of the farmhouse, with the main purpose of leaving the fruit of the long sacrifices begun by past generations, and carried out by them, to their nephews and nieces, not having been able to have children.

Of the discrete abundance of food products they put aside every year, made with natural techniques, with very low water consumption, and reusing the seeds of the previous year, part is given to relatives and friends and part is exchanged with neighbors for other food items that they cannot produce themselves.

Finding their personal solution that balances every aspect of life, enjoying the essentials and with the concession of some small luxuries, they have entered tangibly and morally, even before most of the world, into the future.

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