• International Photo Awards Honorable Mention

“On the Edge of Water’s Blues” aim to capture the profound impact of the ongoing drought that has gripped North Italy in recent years, specifically focusing on the largest basin of fresh water in the country – Garda Lake. This vital natural resource, essential for Italy’s well-being, has experienced a significant decline in its water levels, prompting a prospective transformative shift in the region’s environment.

During the winter season of 2023, Garda Lake reached its highest water level at 48 centimeters over the hydrometric 0, 60 centimeters lower than the average recorded over the past 15 years. To comprehend the magnitude of this decline, it is crucial to understand that every centimeter decrease corresponds to approximately 3.7 million cubic meters of water lost.

The significance of Garda Lake extends beyond its role as Italy’s most vital drinking water reserve. It annually distributes nearly 900 million cubic meters of water for agricultural irrigation, serves as a crucial source for hydroelectric energy production, and provides a habitat for various endemic species, some of which are endangered. Moreover, the lake acts as a magnet for tourism, fishing, and navigation. 

It is essential to recognize that Garda Lake’s dwindling resources do not only affect its immediate surroundings. The lake’s significance transcends regional boundaries, as it serves as a key resource for the Pianura Padana area. This area plays a pivotal role in the production of “Made in Italy” goods, therefore the consequences of this situation are not confined to environmental concerns but also have economic and cultural implications.

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